The Concept.

We constantly meet people with whom we get along well, but rarely manage to keep regular contact. We often have the same interests, demands, mindsets and plans in life. Despite these similarities, it is not so easy not to lose sight of one or the other due to our work load and stuff.

There are a number of networks, but none of them met our needs:

Facebook and Instagram: unprofessional, only online, public
LinkedIn, Xing: only online, very anonymous, not local and public
Career events, career fairs: only for a specific purpose and not long-term
Lions, Rotarians, etc.: conservative, “old”, not digital


Here The Urban Network Project is to help out, which is to represent an online club for young high potentials, which organizes leisure time events to maintain friendly relations based on common values and to enable an active exchange. Thus, circles of friends are to be expanded or intensified and a long-term network among the members is to be established. In particular, we want to avoid ending up as a dead database à la Facebook or LinkedIn. 

I have put a lot of effort into the concept of the platform. I hope you understand the idea behind this project and would like to participate. After all, success depends on your commitment. TUNP should be apolitical, gender neutral and cosmopolitan! Our only purpose is the cooperation and support of our members. For this, a certain commitment is demanded from every member.

How to become a member.

The network is to remain exclusive. Get an invitation. That’s it.

What a member should bring along

Our members are young professionals and have lots of plans and visions in life. They are united solely by the idea of networking and the interest in other people. They show commitment in the network and support each other. They want to continuously educate themselves and strive for higher goals. Their academic education is important to them and they are among the best in their field.

They show a high level of motivation in all areas, without losing sight of what it means to have fun with friends, to laugh – to live simply. Especially the latter is very important to us. To create an atmosphere in which we can learn from each other and celebrate (successes) together, we wish that our future “members” tick as we do.

To keep the network alive, we expect our members to be willing to get involved. The members should participate in our meetings and show helpfulness and be open for each other. We are not concerned with career per se, but also with everyday things, such as the next move, contacts in other cities while travelling or help in learning a new language. Everything works better in a team.

Meet ups

The Meet Ups are the most important cornerstone of TUNP. Through regular meetings, we want to promote member loyalty and create group cohesion. To do this, we want to set 4-6 dates per year on which we do something. We plan activities such as sailing, hiking, golf or SUP, but we also want to organize bar evenings, poker tournaments, drinking mulled wine, tastings, dinners, excursions and parties. In doing so, we exchange ideas and strengthen the team spirit. All very casual. There are no restrictions regarding content. 

Who runs it and how does it work?

Finally, there is the question of the costs and the administrative effort. I went ahead with the creation of the platform without incurring significant costs. In the near future I will also try to organize the meetings and handle the administrative work on my own, so that the network does not incur any significant costs. Of course I hope for your support. The goal is that the network is self-sustaining – that meetings are organized by the members, that members help other members…

Nevertheless, some of the costs caused by the platform are still to be covered (server costs, maintenance and service costs, licenses for add-ons and plug-ins, payment services, …). Since I believe in this project, I will cover most of the costs myself, but I hope for your support here as well. You can support the network with a small contribution every month. This way we can stay free and without advertising. The contribution fee is 2 Euro per month and completely on a voluntary basis. In the long run we will remain independent this way. Every membership fee stays in the network and is used exclusively for network. 




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