Let's grow together and build a real network.

High Potentials only. Real Life Community. Non Profit.

We cultivate our relationship on common values. TUNP Members are sociable, reliable and helpful. We support each other in our visions and goals. We regularly exchange ideas and further educate ourselves on memorable Events. We understand regular attendance not as a duty but as a basic pillar of a well working network.

We are an active network, not a database.

We are united by friendships, interests and the desire for a straightforward communication.

We experience moments together that connect us.

TUNP organizes meetings for casual networking.

Focus on what matters!

No advertising. No distractions. Contact information only.

Change the future and evolve.

We condemn show-offs. Discretion, loyalty and cosmopolitanism are part of the DNA of TUNP Members.

Based in Hamburg

but connected with the world!

The Urban Network Project

22529 Hamburg


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The Urban Network Project